Introducing New Biodegradable Coffee Capsule

Introducing New Biodegradable Coffee Capsule

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Australians consume around 2 million coffee capsules per day, with 1.5 million households and businesses owning a capsule machine. Many of us love the convenience of capsules but are increasingly worried about their environmental impact, as the majority of these capsules end up in landfill and take hundreds of years to break down.

To reduce our carbon footprint and to give our customers the choice of an environmentally friendly alternative, Di Bella Coffee is excited to introduce a new biodegradable coffee capsule to our capsule range.

Peru Organic Image

Our new Peru Organic capsule is made from 100% plant based and biodegradable material* and is also Nespresso® compatible. Unlike most aluminium and plastic capsules, this capsule will biodegrade in normal landfill within 180 days.

The capsule packaging of our Peru Organic capsule is:
•100% biosourced and 100% biodegradable
•Nespresso compatible
•Food contact approved
•European standard EN13432 approved for packaging waste
•Minimal packing materials used to reduce impact on the environment
•Heat sealed for mess-free use

Peru Organic

The capsule features our Golden Bean award winning Organic coffee from Peru. This single origin coffee has been sourced 100% direct from the farmer through our Crop to Cup program and has been grown and processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.

You can expect a well-balanced flavour from this coffee with deep chocolate and light citrus flavours.

Our Peru Organic coffee capsule is available now for purchase in 10 packs. Shop now.
Read this guide for getting the best out of our Bio caps.


Will the new Peru Organic capsule fit in my Nespresso® machine?
Yes, our Peru Organic capsule is compatible with all Nespresso® machines
What is this capsule made out of?
The ingredients used to manufacture the capsule are Fibres, Starch, Proteins, Lipids and Additives of natural origin.
Do I need to dispose of these capsules in any special way?
No, to dispose of our Peru Organic capsule, simply throw the capsule in your standard rubbish collection bin after use.
Will you be releasing the Ari, Ava and Aqua Decaf capsule blends in biodegradable packaging as well?
We are currently unable to release our Ari, Ava and Aqua Decaf capsules in biodegradable packaging due to production restrictions. However, we are working with our existing supplier on finding a biodegradable alternative.
Will you be introducing other blends in biodegradable packaging?
We are looking at releasing other blends in the future so stay tuned for more updates!  


*The plastic sleeve film encasing the capsules is required to maintain the oxygen barrier and shelf life of the capsules. This sleeve is not biodegradable.