Di Bella Coffee's Cafe of the Month: Decadent C's

Di Bella Coffee's Cafe of the Month: Decadent C's

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Di Bella Coffee is enjoyed in cafés and restaurants all over Australia. In Western Australia, the Todd’s family business, Decadent C’s Café, serves our quality brews as well as specialising in premium handmade chocolates, cakes, sweets and cupcakes. This delicious combination makes for an unforgettable café experience for locals and visitors alike.

Decadent C’s Café – A Chocoholic’s Dream

The History Behind the Business

Decadent C’s Café was opened in 2011, transforming the Todd family’s dream into a reality.

Being the family’s hometown, “The Peel” was the natural choice of location. With a growing population, developing community, and being conveniently central to WA’s best available food supplies, the site was chosen with enough space to offer a point of difference. With support from the local shires, the Todd family was able to build their café in the “special rural zone” of Barragup, on the boundaries of the Murray and Mandurah shires.


A Strong Focus on Local

Using local ingredients is a high priority for the café, as they feel it is important to give back to their community, and pay the support they have received forward where possible. They have built a respected reputation amongst the locals by maintaining strong working relationships with local businesses and potential customers.

Decadent C’s prides themselves on offering exceptional chocolate that gives them an edge on competitors. The café uses a combination of Belgium and local produce to create a unique flavour of the Peel region with the quality of the world’s most renowned chocolate.

Handmade Goodness

Striving to make everything they sell on the property, Decadent C’s uses wholesome local ingredients, avoiding preservatives and artificial additives and assisting customers to make conscience choices.

The kitchen team is continuously researching and developing new recipes and techniques to further expand their expertise and continue to delight their customers. Their specialty goodies offer great value for money, consisting of amazing flavours and stunning presentation.


Decadent C’s and Di Bella Coffee

The Todds chose to serve Di Bella Coffee in their café because we are an Australian business with a local roasting house in Fremantle and offer an unrivalled comprehensible training package for their staff.

The family believes that skills-development and job satisfaction go hand-in-hand with pride and ownership. It is their belief that when people are prepared to continually learn, they continually grow, and when their people grow, so does the business, the community and circle of influence.

Destination WA Features Decadent C’s

Decadent C’s café was recently featured in a segment on the TV show, Destination WA, in which Jenny Todd discusses her passion for all things chocolate.

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To indulge your sweet tooth and get your Di Bella Coffee fix, visit Decadent C’s Café at 25 Husband Road, Mandurah, WA, or visit their website – just try not to drool on your keyboard: http://www.decadentchocolate.com.au/  

Opening hours are 9am to 4.30pm every day, except closed on Wednesdays.