2018 Reserve Limited Edition by Di Bella Coffee

2018 Reserve Limited Edition by Di Bella Coffee

Every year we spend a lot of time sourcing, selecting, sampling and roasting the coffees that will become the next annual Reserve coffee. This year we added a new requirement. The coffees making the final selection do not only have to be truly amazing, they must also reflect a positive change we want to see in the coffee industry. Our quest has resulted in an exceptional and enchanting coffee blend from Brazil and Rwanda that will astonish the most discerning coffee connoisseur and showcases what ethical practices can achieve.

The Di Bella Coffee 2018 Reserve is a blend of coffees from the bio dynamic Camocim Estate in Brazil and the Shyira Washing Station in Rwanda. We chose these coffees because long term sustainable farming and creating opportunities for farming community is what makes our industry viable and relevant in the long term. These coffees stand out for their purity, the exceptional natural backdrop in which they are grown and the amazing people who grew and picked them.

Camocim Estate Brazil

The well-known bio dynamic Camocim Estate is located in Pedra Azul, Estado de Espírito Santo, Brasil. The owner, Henrique Sloper is a world famous Cup of Excellence winner and passionate advocate for sustainable farming. The highlight of this bio dynamically cultivated coffee is its exquisite body & depth.

Shyira Washing Station Rwanda

We married Camocim Estate coffee with the high grown coffees from the Shyira Washing Station in Rwanda. By itself this coffee is off the charts with its clarity and sweetness. This is a brand new station built by Muraho Trading. The founders of this station returned to Rwanda with the ambition of helping the local community to achieve better prices for their crops and finding new markets for their stunning coffees. This is the highest grown coffee we know of in Rwanda.

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