Beat the Heat with a Cold Brew

Beat the Heat with a Cold Brew

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There’s more than one way to enjoy your favourite coffee blend. Whether you’re looking to cool down during hot weather or just want to try something new, Cold Brew or Cold Drip coffees are a delicious alternative to espresso based drinks.

Cold Brew and Cold Drip coffees have become popular features on café menus around Australia, but you don’t need to head to a café to enjoy one. You can easily brew your own iced or cold coffee drinks in your home or workplace.

Cold Brew and Cold Drip are different!

A Cold Brew is a coffee which has been immersed in cold water for a period of time, usually between 8 and 24 hours. You can use an alternative brewing method to create a Cold Brew coffee, such as a Plunger, or you can use a specially designed brewing device, such as the Toddy Cold Brew System which uses changeable wool fibre filters to steep the coffee grounds. 

Cold Brew Coffee makers 

A Cold Drip coffee is made by slowly dripping water through a coffee bed over time, usually up to 10 hours. Typically a wooden “brewing tower” is used, such as a Yama 6 Cup Tower

These ornate brewing devices feature 3 separate glass components. The top chamber is filled with ice which drips water down to the second chamber which contains the filter and the coffee grounds. As the grounds become saturated, the coffee concentrate drips down into the carafe.

Do they taste different?

Cold Brew coffees tend to be more concentrated compared to Cold Drip coffees because the grounds are immersed in water for so long. However, you can expect a similar flavour from both types of brewing methods.

What’s good about Cold Brew and Cold Drip?

These brewing methods produce great a base coffee flavour for use in cold drinks such as iced lattes and are often less acidic and bitter than pouring straight espresso over ice. Espresso can sometimes suffer from temperature shock and taste a little sour.

They’re also very easy to brew once you have your device set up. Just leave to brew overnight and in the morning you’ll have fresh and delicious coffee concentrate to enjoy. You can also keep Cold Brew and Cold Drip coffee in the fridge for up to 2 weeks without it spoiling.

What type of coffee should you use?

Any coffee blend is great to use... it just depends on what you want the final drink to taste like.

If you are going to add syrups, coconut water or milk, it might be best to use a coffee with some strength and complexity to it. We suggest trying our Arnika Reserve or Felici blends.

If you are going to serve your cold coffee black with minimal additives, then a Single Origin like a sweet Colombian or a fruity Ethiopian might be better. The provenance of the coffee will be lost if you add milk or syrups to these coffees.

How can you enjoy a Cold Brew or Cold Drip?

•    Add coconut water and lemon for a summer refresher
•    Add milk and caramel for an afternoon slammer
•    Nitro charge it in a cream gun with fruit infusions for a foamy cold drink

•    Or simply serve over ice, with or without milk

Cold Brew BLog

How to brew using a Toddy Cold Brew System

You’ll need:

•    350g of coarse ground coffee (we like it strong!)
•    7 cups of water
•    Toddy Cold Brew System

•    Pour the ground coffee and cold water into the brewing container
•    Steep for 12-24 hours
•    Filter the coffee concentrate into the glass container
•    Serve as desired!

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