Enjoy our Di Bella Coffee capsules …without the jitters

Enjoy our Di Bella Coffee capsules …without the jitters

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Di Bella Coffee is excited to announce the addition of our new Aqua Decaf specialty coffee capsule to our range of capsule flavours. Like all of our coffee blends, our Aqua capsule is a specialty coffee sourced direct from the farmer through our Crop to Cup ethical sourcing program. But that’s not the only reason why the Aqua Decaf is unique.

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 Unlike most decaffeinated coffees, Aqua has been formulated by the innovative Swiss Water Process. This involves the gentle and chemical-free process of removing the caffeine from unroasted coffee by soaking the beans in hot water. That water is then run through charcoal filters to strip the caffeine, the beans are then returned to the water to reabsorb the original flavours and oils of the coffee.

This process ensures that the coffee retains much more of its flavour and body compared to other methods of stripping caffeine from coffee beans which often involve the use of toxic solvents.

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Our Aqua Decaf coffee capsule is also made from 100% freshly roasted Di Bella Coffee. It offers an incredibly smooth taste to those who wish to avoid caffeine, without sacrificing on aroma, flavour or body. Suited to both milk and black coffee drinkers, this blend is well balanced with chocolate and caramel notes. Click Here to order our Aqua Decaf capsules online now or Click Here to view our whole range of coffee capsules and capsule machines.

All our Di Bella Coffee capsules are all Nespresso ® compatible

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