4 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

4 Christmas Gift Ideas for the Coffee Lover

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1. Starter Roasting Pack

Is your loved one getting more and more interested in coffee? Are they getting more knowledgeable about the coffee process? Why not help them on their coffee venture by purchasing them an affordable and fun introduction to home coffee roasting. Our handy roaster bundle comes with three different single origin green bean packets, and the handy roaster. With this bundle, all your loved one will need is heat source and around 10 minutes, then they’ll be on their way to experiencing the magic of home coffee roasting.

2. On the Go Caffeine Fix

If your mother, partner, brother, cousin, loves quality coffee, but is always on the go - our specialty capsules are perfect! Avoiding long brewing time, simple, mess free coffee will change the way they start their day. For this timely coffee solution, purchase the capsule starter pack, which not only comes with a capsule machine but also includes a milk frother, two types of coffee capsules, biscuits, two bistro cups and chocolate coated coffee beans. As we say here at Di Bella Coffee these specialty coffee capsules are where quality meets convenience! 

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3. Alternate Brewing Guru

Is your loved one making noise about being better at brewing? Perhaps they have passed comments about how cool or interesting alternative brewing is? With a Chemex they would be able to satisfy their brewing needs by extracting the nuances of flavour and exploring the rich characteristics from around the globe. Purchase the Chemex bundle for your loved one this Christmas, start them on their journey to become an alternative brewing guru. Or add to their existing alternative brewing collection.  

4. Chocolate Lover

Chocolate is a timeless gift and coming into Christmas everyone needs a caffine boost. Why not combine these aspects to make your chocolate gift this Christmas more memorable? Instead of grabbing that box of chocolate, excite your chocolate lover this Christmas by purchasing some delicious chocolate coated coffee beans. Or try out our real hot chocolate, perfect for something warm and sweet on Christmas eve!