3 Ways to Kill Your Coffee Machine

3 Ways to Kill Your Coffee Machine

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As a coffee technician, I regularly come across the same problems between all my customers. Below are the major issues my cafes have with their coffee machines and all the tips and tricks to prevent them!

1. Not purging

After steaming your milk, it is extremely important to purge your steam wand. By purging we mean opening the steam tap and releasing fresh steam through the wand. Purging ensures all the excess milk is released from the steam wand, preventing any build up and milk transferring back through the tap into the boiler.

To further prevent milk build up, we recommend using Milk Solution once a week, to aid the removal of milk fats internally in the steam wand. This product is also good for cleaning build-up of milk scum around your jugs, which allows the milk to spin more freely giving you a better textured milk.

steam wand

Machine that has been poorly purged, resulting in build up of milk on steam tap.

2. Not cleaning group heads properly

Cleaning group heads frequently and properly is vitally important to keeping your shower screens clear of built up coffee. Depending on how much coffee you are making, on average you should be cleaning your shower screens once a day and using a product like Caffetto Espresso Clean. Cafetto Espresso Clean will ensure you are properly breaking down the coffee oils and old coffee grind, therefore reducing the build-up in your shower screens, which will then give you a better, more even flow of water through your basket. Simply using water will not break down the coffee oils and old grind.

group heads

Not cleaning group heads properly.

3. Not replacing water filter regularly

Replacing your water filter regularly will ensure the quality of water is at its best, giving you a better tasting coffee and preventing unnecessary maintenance due to scale build up in your machine. To do this, make sure you are regularly getting your machine serviced.


Calcium scale inside the boiler from not replacing your water filter often enough. 

While there are many other ways one can kill their coffee machine, these are the top issues and ones that can easily be prevented!

This blog was written by John, one our Queensland machine technicians. 



  • Dave Scott said:
    Group head clutter has always been an issue for the boys. And not to mention ridiculous service charges. The thing I figure is to know your machines well. Great post.