Yama 6 cup cold drip

Create your own delicious and refreshing cold drip specialty coffee
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The classic brewing system brings out coffee's flavour and aroma by slowly dripping cold water through finely ground beans. Brewing your coffee with cold water preserves delicate flavor and eliminates bitter oils and acids that would be extracted at higher temperatures.

Use right away or store the concentrate in the fridge andwhen you're ready for a cup of coffee, just mix it with hot water, hot milk or cold milk for an iced coffee. A metal valve controls the drip to ensure perfect drop-by-drop percolation.

Dishwasher safe. Makes up to 750ml of coffee concentrate, which is enough for approximately 4 to 6 cups of coffee.

Want the perfect brew? 
Di Bella Coffee is dedicated to deliver exceptional specialty coffee blends and single origins. We want you to get the most out of your coffee brewing methods so we devised a Brewing and Troubleshooting guide.

Alternative Brewing guide

Find your preferred brewing method from the list and let us guide you through the steps to creating delicious specialty coffee using alternative brewing methods!

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