Torq Natural Instant Coffee 1 Lt

Torq Natural Instant Coffee
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TORQ Natural Instant Coffee is a liquid instant coffee that captures the well-balanced, full-bodied flavours of specialty coffee in a smoother, purer and more convenient liquid alternative. TORQ delivers the exceptional flavours and quality of specialty, freshly roasted coffee and can be served hot or cold, making it a cost-effective, convenient and time saving coffee solution.  

Mix TORQ with hot or cold water for a sensationally smooth, never bitter fresh coffee. Add milk and sweeteners as required. TORQ can also be used as an ingredient in desserts and cocktails.

Serving Suggestions

1 part TORQ to 3 parts Water (adjust to preference)
- Mix TORQ with hot water for a sensationally smooth, never-bitter, fresh coffee. Add milk as desired.
- Mix TORQ with ice and cold water for a refreshing iced coffee. Add milk as desired
- Use TORQ as an ingredient in desserts or cocktails

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Ingredients: Filtered water and freshly roasted specialty coffee.



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Camping coffee at its best
By Jenkins in New South Wales , 2 years ago
I am a light traveller and don't want to carry a stovetop or plunger around.. TORQ is a perfect liquid concentrate that can go ANYWHERE.