Puqpress Automatic Coffee Tamper

The World’s First Automatic Coffee Tamper
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Seasoned baristas know full well how hand tampers provide the potential of error due to the nature of the technology and the pressure applied. Puqpress eliminates the risk of channelled shots, short or long shot times and most obviously physical injuries caused by the repetitive nature of a baristas work.

Of course, saving yourself or staff from repetitive strain injuries is just one benefit of the Puqpress. There are several

- Perfect Consistency: Perfect espresso tamping pressure digitally optimised.
- Increase Profitability: With a double tamp cycle of only 1.3 seconds it's faster than manual tamping.
- No training:There’s now no need to add coffee tamping to your coffee training.
- Compact Design: The Puqpress’s small footprint doesn’t take up too much space. Generally positioned between the grinder and espresso machine your staff will love it’s simplicity and it’s simple to clean.
- Superior Quality: Puqpress is designed and manufactured by engineers in The Netherlands.
- Barista Approved: Puqpress is now running in many leading espresso bars in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

So when considering how to optimise the art of coffee making process and improve the efficiency of your baristas consider Puqpress! Once you’ve tried the Puqpress you’ll never go back to manual tamping again!

The Puqpress is the world's first fully automatic coffee tamper that offers unparalleled accuracy and precision. Puqpress uses a patented self leveling mechanism never seen before in the coffee industry. The tamp pressure isadjustable from 10 to 30KG of pressure at the push of a button. The display shows the pressure and the amount of tamps performed.

Specialty coffee roasters and baristas will love the consistency Puqpress provides and with the double tamp cycle of only 1.3 seconds service times will be improved meaning happier customers.

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