Multi Cap plus Milk Frother

The Multi Cap capsule machine is an excellent specialty coffee solution for large businesses

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The Multi Cap with Milk Frother Capsule machine is the largest Commercial Capsule machine on offer.

Top of the range and capable of producing large quantities of specialty capsule coffee for demanding staff and busy periods. Able to easily cater for 100+ staff and clients this machine features a dual capsule head so you can make two at once. 

Including an integrated steam wand for texturing milk, this is an all in one unit and an easy way to offer specialty coffee to your staff or clients. 
The steam wand requires a milk jug to steam cafe quality milk.

Di Bella Coffee has two delicious specialty capsule blends to use in this machine; Ava Blend - Smooth & Sweet and our Ari Blend - Rich and Strong

Machine Featuring:

- Automatic capsule discharge
- Automatic rinsing and heating of infusion unit
- Infuser rinsing and heating by sending hot water through the coffee nozzle without any capsule installed
- Two coffee groups with automatic capsule ejection
- integrated steam arm for milk texturing
- Buzzer sound and stop security for end water tank
- Steel housing
- Power boiler 2000W
- Stainless steel boiler 18/10 4 litres
- ULKA EP4 pumps 19 bars
- 3lt water tanks

Please note this machine requires 15 Amp power. If you have any queries please contact us

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