Crop to Cup by Phillip Di Bella

Crop to Cup by Phillip Di Bella
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The latest book by Phillip Di Bella, From Crop to Cup Version three is now available. This book will become an essential part of your coffee learning and has two sections:

Part OneCrop is a guide to our coffee. Going back to origin where the coffee begins as green bean crops, we look at the various stages of coffee production and processing, following the coffee from its origin all the way to the end user. 

Part TwoCup is a barista's guide; an overview of the theory and practices developed through Di Bella Coffee's professional barista training program. This guide covers the foundations of set up, maintenance, troubleshooting and coffee making techniques tailored for use with Di Bella Coffee. This guide is the basis of our own specialised coffee training programme.

At Di Bella Coffee we believe that the foundation of any passion is education, and we hope that Crop to Cup will inspire your understanding of, and passion for coffee. Order your copy today!
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