Cafe Series Burr Coffee Grinder

Delivering quality, style and superior performance capturing the essence of the commercial kitchen
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The Sunbeam Café Series™ delivers quality, style and superior performance capturing the essence of the commercial kitchen. Inspired by heavy-duty equipment found in restaurants, cafes and bars, the Sunbeam Café Series™ is built to last. It brings together a range of appliances designed to expertly create authentic café food and beverages at home.

Uncompromising blends of stainless steel, brass and die-cast alloy characterise the range. This combined with advanced technology and functional design, guarantee the performance, that each product will surpass expectations.

When making coffee regardless of the brewing method the flavour of the resulting brew depends largely on the quality, freshness and roast of the coffee being used. Other factors including the purity of the brew water, condition of the grinder and the actual design of the burrs within the grinder can also affect the taste of the final cup.

The Sunbeam Café Series grinder features tool hardened steel conical burrs for extra long life. Inherent from the conical burr design is homogenous grinding so the particle size of the coffee is consistent and even. This is especially important for espresso, if the particle size of the coffee is uniform equal amounts of the coffee’s aromatic profile will be extracted. However if the particle size of the coffee varies some particles will be overextracted and some will be under-extracted, resulting in a poor tasting coffee.

Grind Direct to Handle

Grind only the coffee you need, because fresh is always best to ensure a great tasting espresso.

Auto Grind
Grind continuously into a container, ideal when grinding large amounts of coffee.

Conical Burr Design
Deliver a consistent, even particle size to help achieve an even extraction.

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Colour Stainless
Construction/Finish Die-Cast
DimensionsH x W x D N/A
Additional Features Commercial & Domestic Group Handle Locators, Preparation Mat & Cord Wrap
Coffee Storage Container Yes
Design Designed & Engineered in Australia
Grinding Mechanism Conical Burr
Grind On Demand Grind directly into the Group Handle
Grind Size Settings 25 Grind Settings
Hopper Capacity 250g Bean Hopper
Net Weight (kg) 3.30
Operation Grind Direct to Handle and Automatic Flow
Warranty Months 12
Warranty Note (5 Year Motor)
Warranty Type Replacement

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