Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegri Single Origin

Brazil Fazenda Vista Alegri Single Origin
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Country: Brazil
Region: Chapada Diamantina
State: Bahia
City: Piata

Owner: Jose Renato Rodrigues
Elevation: 1,275 m.
Variety: Yellow Catucai
Process: Pulped-Natural

Body: Medium to Full
Sweetness: Caramel
Acidity: Mid - Plums
Aroma: Berries; Black fruit
After Taste: Velvet, prolonged

The town of Piata (read Piatan) is located in the heart of Bahia, in the Chapada Diamantina region. The region started to gain notoriety not only by the beautiful mountain scenery as well as in the production of coffee where the beans are considered to be excellent, attracting enthusiasts from all over the world.

Renato Rodrigues and his family produces one of the most artisanal coffees from Brazil. 100% organic, still utilizing old methods of peeling the cherries and drying techniques. This allows to be pure, exactly how it left the farm.

His production doesn’t exceed 100 bags per year and it is disputed by the most selected roasters from all over the world.

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