Bolivia Organic

Bolivia Organic
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Country of Origin: Bolivia
Region: San Ignacio, Caranavi
Species and Variety: Caturra and Typica
Crop: Current
Grade: EP (European Preparation) Refers to coffee that has undergone additional hand sorting to remove defective beans & foreign material.
Processing: Washed, dried on raised African beds for consistent results.
Altitude: 1,500-1,650 m.a.s.l


Acidity: Delicate and pronounced
Fragrance: Cashew with hints of malt and bakers chocolate
Flavour: Complex stonefruit flavours, clean cup
Body: Medium

ROAST: This coffee has been roasted for "Filter" brewing methods

This certified organic coffee was grown by the Mamani family in the Caravani province of Bolivia. Family members work together to source coffee from neighboring farms & process cherries in their small wet mill.

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