Sponsorships and Donations

Leading by example

At Di Bella Coffee we are committed to being involved in our local communities and to treat people and the environment responsibly and compassionately.

Sponsorship and donations 

Thanks to the support of our customers Di Bella Coffee is Australia’s fastest growing coffee company, so we are always on the lookout for opportunities to give something back to the people and communities who support us. We believe this is the best way to say ‘thank you’. Each year we support a selection of community groups and charity organisations. We actively seek out a range of different initiatives to ensure our sponsorship and donations reach as many sections of the greater community as possible.

Assistance with fundraising 

Di Bella Coffee Fundraising Drives are designed to help schools, clubs and organisations raise funds for their programs and initiatives by encouraging individuals to on-sell our products. Raising funds with Di Bella Coffee is easy to do and a great way to raise money for your cause or organisation.

Community involvement

Since Di Bella Coffee began in 2002 we have worked in partnership with many different community projects and social enterprises. A guiding principle is our belief that ‘there is only the future’, so we are passionate about supporting charities which do great work for the next generation. 

Our support and heartfelt thanks go out to the many groups that do great work in our community, some of which are: 

  • Kinfolk Café are leaders in social enterprise endeavours.

  • Pay A Sack Forward initiative raises funds in cafés to provide vital supplies to the homeless in local communities. 

  • Street Smart is an initiative that raises money to support projects in the community of the participating café. 

  • Hope Foundation, based in Brisbane, Australia, exists to come alongside women wanting life change from the sex industry and/or addictions

Street Smart Australia