Direct Trade From Crop to Cup

The Crop to Cup Philosophy

Here at Di Bella Coffee, we’re about more than just coffee, we’re about people. We believe it is our responsibility to support the communities that support us.

At Di Bella Coffee we source our coffee through our Crop to Cup green bean buying programme. Our green bean buying specialist travels to coffee growing regions around the world and works directly with growers to ensure the crops which are selected are grown and farmed under ethical and sustainable conditions.

The Crop to Cup philosophy is about building direct relationships with coffee-growing communities and empowering them to work with us, rather than for us. The program is committed to building skills locally, providing job security and growth opportunities for local workers, upholding fair practices as well as encouraging responsible farming.

By sourcing beans directly from the farmer, Di Bella Coffee has the unique ability to match raw coffee origins to our blend profiles in order to consistently deliver our signature blends all year round

Support the coffee that supports people – from Crop to Cup.

Phil and Moshe in Brazil
Phillip Di Bella and Moshe Tawil at plantation
Bean graphic plant

At Di Bella Coffee we believe in supporting the farmers that support us, which is why, in 2010, Di Bella Coffee started Crop to Cup: A direct trade raw coffee sourcing programme.