Coffee Education eLearning

Coffee training with the Crop to Cup Online Programme

The Crop to Cup e-Learning programme is designed to increase your coffee knowledge. Whether you are a home coffee enthusiast or an aspiring barista, the coffee training programme teaches you all the elements that go into making the perfect cup of coffee.

Passion Through Education

At Di Bella Coffee we believe the foundation of any passion is education, and we hope that Crop to Cup will inspire your understanding of, and passion for coffee. Sign up now and for a limited time you will receive a 250g Reserve Blend specialty coffee hamper with $40 worth of specialty coffees when you complete the course!

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Continuous Learning 

Crop to Cup is easy to navigate with a simple design that has been geared to help you learn at your pace. You let your interest guide you through the various sections.

It includes coffee training videos, info-graphics and loads of content, which is based on over 100 years of combined coffee industry knowledge! Whilst it’s easy to understand, it’s extremely comprehensive, resulting in a continuous learning experience!

The Journey of Coffee 

Every cup of coffee has a story and is created with barista techniques and knowledge learnt and refined over time. The course will provide you with a foundation for practical coffee making skills. 

Learn about how roasters source their coffee and understand the science and skill that goes into blending and roasting beans from around the world to reach their optimum flavour.

The course takes you on the raw coffee journey, from cultivation, harvest, to the processing of beans. You will understand how coffee beans capture the diverse flavours unique to the earth of their specific region.