Coffee Capsules

Capsule Packages

Piccolo - Small Business Package (1 – 30 staff)  

The ideal cost effective solution for small workplaces with a desire to serve quality coffee to staff and customers. This package includes a versatile coffee machine that offers both ground coffee and capsule options. The unique milk temperature gauge provides live feedback from the patented temperature sensing steam wand, making it easier to texture milk to the optimal temperature ever time. By only heating the water required for each coffee extraction it ensures a quick, fresh espresso shot every time.

Starter Kit: Sunbeam Espresso Machine Plus Capsule + 120 capsules Ava blend and 120 capsules Ari blend.

Medio - Medium Business Package (30 – 100 staff)  

The perfect quality solution for larger groups of staff and customers. This machine has 2 coffee groups to increase speed and efficiency. The easy to clean stainless steel machine houses a 3 litre water tank and a combined steam and hot water nozzle. This machine has a patented automatic rinsing and heating function to ensure the ultimate coffee experience every single time.

Starter Kit: Double Capsule Machine + 120 capsules Ava blend and 120 capsules Ari blend.

Commercial Capsule package 2

Grandi - Large Business Package (100+ staff) 

This 2 group capsule machine with separate steam nozzle and hot water dispenser is optimized for high volumes of coffee. This machine features 3 programmable coffee does and offers you a café experience with the convenience of capsules.

Starter Kit: Multi Capsule Machine + 120 capsules Ava blend and 120 capsules Ari blend.

Commercial Capsule 3

Practical | Economic | Hygienic | Easy to operate

All machines feature:

  •     - Removable water tanks with water softener filter
  •     - Adjustable cup holder
  •     - Large container for used capsules
  •     - Programmable doses
  •     - Energy saving switch
  •     - Steam / hot water dispensers
  •     - Exclusive patented infusion system optimised for Di Bella Coffee
  •     - Proudly made in Italy 

Why choose Di Bella Coffee at work?

  •     - 100 percent specialty coffee for the ultimate coffee experience
  •     - Clean, quick and simple to use coffee machines
  •     - 3 coffee style settings on all our machines to cater for individual tastes
  •     - Ethically sourced coffee direct from the farmer
  •     - Free delivery to your workplace
  •     - Pay as you go or subscription available

Di Bella Coffee Capsules

Use Di Bella Coffee specialty roasted coffee capsules for the ultimate coffee experience at work. We have developed a coffee capsule that tasted great and is blended from 100 percent specialty coffee. Our coffee is sourced directly from the producer. All machines are pre-set to extract a sensational coffee experience.

Ari Blend

Rich & Strong | Hints of raw cacao and bright citrus finish

- Available in 10 capsule packaging or 60 capsule saver pack.


Ava Blend

Sweet & Smooth | Flavours of hazelnut, treacle and natural honey

- Available in 10 capsule packaging or 60 capsule saver pack.


Optional items:

- Automatic Milk frother
- Di Bella Coffee cups and saucers (branded and coloured options), milk jugs
- Teas, syrups and measuring spoons and other barista tools
- Chocolate and chai powders
- Single serve biscuits, chocolate coated coffee beans and coffee storage tins