Wholesale Coffee Supply Australia Wide

Wholesale coffee supply for your café or restaurant

At Di Bella Coffee we appreciate how important your reputation is to your customers. Repeat custom is the lifeblood of every business - your reputation is your brand, and like every strong brand, you want people to come back because they were delighted by their experience. You also want them to tell their friends how much they enjoyed your food, your service, and also your coffee.

We work tirelessly at Di Bella Coffee to deliver the Ultimate Coffee Experience because that is the promise at the heart of our brand – a promise that we want to share with our wholesale clients, so you can share that promise with your customers. 

We pride ourselves on our “more than a bags of beans” service model, featuring a business and customer service network tailored to support your needs. Through our team of specialists in different business areas, we are able to offer our customers personalised service to match your business needs.

At Di Bella Coffee we don’t have contracts, giving our customers flexibility and freedom of choice.  Above everything else we source our green beans direct from farmers through our Crop to Cup programme to ensure the consistency of your preferred blend to keep your loyal customers happy.

Di Bella Coffee is constantly evolving new ideas so that our customers benefit. As the only fully integrated specialty coffee company in Australia we believe our innovative approach to new products is changing the face of the coffee industry. Many wholesale customers now stock chocolate, teas and Di Bella Specialty Coffee Capsules as well as retail bags of coffee for the take-home enjoyment of their customers.

At Di Bella Coffee we make every one of our customers a simple promise – we are dedicated to delivering exceptional customer service by adding as much value as we can to your business.  As a customer of Di Bella Coffee our “more than a bags of beans” service model provides support and development well after the set-up process has been completed.

If you would like to find out more about Di Bella Coffee supply please contact your state Business Development Manager on the details below.


Christian Bianco

Ph: 0413 916 261

Email: christianb@dibellacoffee.com.au

Di Bella Coffee Bowen Hills

82 Abbotsford Road Bowen Hills, QLD, 4006
Ph: 07 3252 5858
Email: enquiries@dibellacoffee.com.au

QLD coffee supply


Joe Molinaro

Ph: 0419 541 566
Email: joem@dibellacoffee.com.au

Di Bella Coffee Brunswick

Unit 17/306 Albert Street Brunswick, VIC 3056
Ph: 03 9380 4999
Email: enquiries@dibellacoffee.com.au

Di Bella Coffee Victoria

New South Wales

Chris Bourne

Ph: 0437 990 907
Email: chrisb@dibellacoffee.com.au

Di Bella Coffee Alexandria

Unit 39/110 Bourke Road, Alexandria NSW 2015
Ph: 02 8307 0371

NSW Coffee Supply

Western Australia

Kieran Cromb

Ph: 0401 905 701
Di Bella Coffee O'Connor

Unit 3/6 Sainsbury Road, O’Connor WA 6163
Ph: 08 6215 0003
Email: enquiries@dibellacoffee.com.au

Di Bella Coffee Perth

South Australia

Steve Bordignon

Ph: 0415 074 744
Email: steveb@dibellacoffee.com.au


Bluestone Distributors

Ph: 0439 664 715
Email: bluestonedist@bigpond.com